Attendance and Absences

School work time is daily from:

  • 9:00 am to 12:30 pm for half-day sessions
  • 9:00 am to 2:30 pm for full-day sessions

All children should be present in school by 9:00 am. Late-comers not only miss productive time but also disturb the class already in progress.

Regular attendance is most important to fostering a balanced intellectual and social growth. We, therefore, encourage that you make medical, dental, and other appointments after school hours.

Please notify the school regarding your child's absence from class.

Sign In and Out

Every parent/guardian dropping off or picking up his/her child must sign his full name (usual signature) and time of arrival.

The school cannot release any child into the custody of any individual other than the parents or guardians without prior written notice. If you wish to have your child picked up by someone other than persons listed on your emergency care form, please inform and give your child’s teacher a written notice.

Safety! Safety! Safety!

Please do not drop your child off in the parking lot or yard unattended. Please make sure to shut the gate when coming to and leaving school grounds — this for your child/children’s protection. Most parents are cooperative in this matter, but occasionally someone forgets. That one lapse could result in a catastrophe. Please do not slam the gate!


To safeguard the health and welfare of their classmates, your child should be kept home if they show signs of illness. A sick child will be isolated from the class and is required to be sent home.

Please keep an update-to-date emergency contact form on file with parent or guardian names, home and work phone numbers, and physician’s name and phone number.

If your child has been sick and out of school for more than three days, please make sure you bring a signed release from your doctor upon his/her return.


Medication will not be administered to any child without the parent’s signature on the medication form, which a teacher can provide. The name of the child, the name of the medication, and the dosage must be written out every day the medicine is to be given.

The school staff cannot dispense over the counter medication of any kind. If Tylenol or Aspirin is needed to keep a child comfortable or lower a fever, he/she should not be in school.

No verbal medication instructions to the staff will be accepted.


Please mark your child's name on all lunch boxes, bags, and articles of clothing.

For all children, we request that a complete change of clothes be sent to school in a labeled Ziploc freezer bag. If and when an accident does occur, we will send the soiled clothes home with the child. Please be sure to send a new replacement the following day.

Lunch Reminders

We encourage autonomy even at meal times. Please provide a lunch that your child can eat by him/herself. We do not hand feed children but encourage eating before play.

Lunches should be in an appropriate lunch box/container. No plastic bags, please.

Lunches can be warmed up only when they are in microwaveable containers. We only "warm up" lunch. We do not cook any frozen meals.

Please provide a drink in your child's lunch box.

Please provide a napkin and cutlery for the child. We are unable to provide cutlery unless they are having school lunch.

Please do not put chips, cookies, chocolates, gum, or candy in lunches.

Friday lunch is pizza - $3. Please sign up in your child's classroom.

Potty Training

Children in diapers are welcome to attend. Our staff will assist with potty training as a child indicates readiness or a parent notifies us that the process has begun at home.

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